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Elevate your business with precision-engineered chatbots. From E-commerce to Customer Support, our chatbots deliver unmatched accuracy and control, ensuring every customer interaction counts.

Precision Customization

24/7 Reliability

Intelligent Integration

Tailored Precision

Crafted to fit your unique business needs, our chatbots deliver personalized experiences that drive engagement.

Cost-Effective Scaling

As your business grows, our chatbots easily scale to meet increasing demands without significant increases in cost.

Future-Proof Technology

Stay ahead of the curve with chatbots built with AI, ensuring your business leverages the latest in technology.

Streamlined Operations

Automate and optimize workflows, freeing your team to focus on strategic tasks and enhancing overall efficiency.

Crafted, NotConfigured.

At Click Chatbots, we redefine customer interaction with chatbots meticulously tailored to your business needs. Unlike others, we don’t rely on templates or generic AI. Every chatbot is artisanally crafted, ensuring 100% control over conversation flows and a perfect alignment with your brand’s voice and goals. This bespoke approach guarantees not just a chatbot, but a seamless extension of your team, designed to engage, understand, and satisfy your customers with unparalleled precision.

A chatbot workflow diagram showcasing the custom-crafted approach to chatbot development, emphasizing personalization over generic configurations.

Streamline Processes, Maximize Productivity.

Click Chatbots's solutions are engineered to automate routine tasks and inquiries, freeing up your human staff to focus on complex issues and strategic initiatives. This shift not only maximizes productivity but also optimizes operational efficiency, reducing overhead costs and improving service delivery. Our chatbots are a smart investment in your workflow, ensuring that your resources are allocated where they can generate the most impact.

Graphic highlighting key productivity features of chatbots such as automated task handling, 24/7 support, and cost savings.

Seamless System Synergy

Integration shouldn’t be complex. Our chatbots are designed for effortless merging with your existing infrastructure, from CRM systems to social media platforms. This seamless integration ensures a unified customer experience across all channels, enhancing service continuity and operational efficiency. With Click Chatbots, your business can leverage powerful AI without disrupting existing workflows.

A display of 500+ app integrations available for chatbot customization, including Twitter, Slack, and LinkedIn.

Your Click Chatbots Journey in 3 Steps.

Embark on a seamless journey to revolutionize your customer interactions with Click Chatbots. Here's how we bring our cutting-edge chatbot solutions to life for your business:

Flowchart detailing the three-step process of Discover, Craft, and Launch with Click Chatbots.

Discover & Define

We start with a call to understand your specific needs and outline how our chatbots can meet them.

Craft & Create

Our team crafts a custom chatbot solution designed to seamlessly integrate with your business operations.

Launch & Support

We launch your chatbot and remain on hand for ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring optimal performance.

Trusted by global companies.

Hear from businesses who've experienced the transformative impact of Click Chatbots.


Chatbots Created


Customer Satisfaction

Click Chatbots Pricing Plans.

Choose the plan that best suits your business needs. Each plan is designed to provide value, scalability, and support to enhance your customer interactions and operational efficiency.

$199 / 25$ monthly

Basic Plan

Website Chatbot - Great for those who want a gateway into AI with less cost.

Trained on website content for seamless integration

Includes customer FAQ as a secondary knowledge base

Housed on our central AI account for hassle-free setup

$499 / 50$ monthly

Premium Plan

Website Chatbot - A more efficient system with some customization. More features, more control for the store.

All features in the Basic Plan

Custom product knowledge base integration

3rd-party integrations for tasks like email and contact management

Customizable flow buttons for easier conversation navigation

Hosted on your own Botpress site for enhanced control

Flow buttons make the conversation easy.

$997 / 100$ monthly

Pro Plan

Website Chabot - A fully customized chatbot with integrations and automations.

All features in the Premium Plan

Full customization and integration capabilities

Advanced custom integrations (Stripe, Messenger, Instagram, Calendly, Shopify, etc.)

Memory feature to recognize and welcome returning users

Industry-specific custom features for a tailored experience

Each plan offers a step up in features and customization, ensuring you can select the perfect level of service for your business's current needs, with the flexibility to upgrade as you grow. Choose Click Chatbots for a partner in enhancing your digital customer engagement strategy.

Book a Meeting.

Ready to elevate your customer engagement with a customized chatbot solution? Book a meeting with our experts at Chatbots Click and explore how we can transform your business interactions.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Click Chatbots offers fully customizable chatbots tailored to your specific business needs, ensuring precision in customer interactions and full control over the chatbot flow, unlike generic solutions.

Yes, our chatbots can seamlessly integrate with a wide range of CRM systems and business tools, enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring a unified customer experience.

The process begins with a discovery call to understand your needs, followed by the development of a bespoke chatbot, and culminates in deployment and ongoing support for continuous optimization.

While Click Chatbots is versatile enough to serve any industry, we excel in e-commerce, retail, lead generation, customer support, and software support, among others.

We provide continuous support and maintenance to ensure your chatbot performs optimally, including regular updates and adjustments as your business and customer needs evolve.

Absolutely, our plans are designed to be scalable. You can upgrade your plan at any time to access additional features or accommodate growing demands.


Transform your customer interactions today with Click Chatbots.

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